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What About Seeds?

It is estimated that we have lost between 75 & 95 percent of our vegetable seed varieties in just the past 100 years. 

4 companies now account for over 60% of seed sales globally: Bayer (which recently acquired Monsanto), BASF, which owns seed companies purchased from Bayer, Corteva (formed when Dow & DuPont merged), & Chemchine, which recently purchased Syngenta. 

Laws that govern seed are becoming increasingly restrictive. Fortunately, the movement to protect seed freedom & sovereignty is also growing...

Protecting Seed Sovereignty


what is seed sovereignty?

The idea that all people should be free to save, share, & breed seeds, as well as participate in shaping policies that govern seed. 

We strongly support this idea.

to learn more

Scroll down to find a PDF of a free, shareable pamphlet containing helpful information about seed saving, seed libraries, & the history of the seed industry, or check out the links below.

Learn more about the history of the seed industry: 

Seed Industry Changes & Consolidation Since 2013: 

About the Open Source Seed Initiative:


Seed libraries in Michigan:

The seed we use

On our farm we use organic, local seed when possible. It can be difficult to find organically produced flower seeds, which is why we save what we can on our own, share & trade seed with other seed savers, & plant natives & perennials that will grow back year after year, building soil along the way. We rarely use hybrids & primarily plant heirloom seeds--never GMOs.